Showrunner, director, screenwriter, ex-farm boy Kim Saltarski has applied his dynamic bald brain to over 400 hours of original animated and live action tween, adult comedy, reality and documentary TV wonder. His bevy of broadcasters include: Nickelodeon, CTV, YTV, CBC, The Comedy Network, Disney Channel, BBC Kids, Global, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network and The Family Channel.

Kim also has extensive TV brand building experience creating and producing interstitials for YTV, Fox Family Channel and Fox Kids… in addition to his DRTV and brand directing commercial work with Northern Lights Direct.

Kim’s rare gift to fully embrace the creative and production challenges of comedy, reality and real life drama content continues to generate fresh and inspiring work. Get amazed today and discover how Kim and his inspiring alliance of creative, production and marketing gurus can transform imagination into creation.

Amazing Sizzle Reel

IF The Poet Trailer