Kim just completed post on his accessibility impact documentary, “Andre The Anti-Giant” for bravo Canada. Last year, he directed and produced the riveting documentary “IF THE POET” for CBC… the moving, irreverent and inspiring story of IF, aka Ian French, a middle-aged man with a family, mortgage, and career, who suddenly decides to crash the world of competitive Slam Poetry.

Directing and showrunning the uber intensive, docu-adventure reality series “Operation Unplugged” shot across Canada, Kim proved once again that no creative and production challenge is too great. The riveting 6 x1 hour series is currently airing on travel+escape.

Kim brings that same level of commitment and compassion when he works for Northern Lights Direct documenting the gruelling lives of children struggling in extreme poverty. Those inspiring DRTV documentaries for NGOs “Children International” and “Plan Canada” shot in Benin, Colombia, Zambia, Peru, The Philippines and Ecuador, have touched the hearts of millions across North America.

Before those amazing journeys, Kim was the executive producer/showrunner on 78 ½ hr episodes of “popcultured with Elvira Kurt” for The Comedy Network… Canada’s take on The Daily Show skewering pop culture. He produced 130 ½ hour episodes of the comedy man talker “Out Of Bounds with John Oakley” for Global. He also produced four annual “Cream of Comedy” TV specials for The Comedy Network. And Kim didn’t receive a single speeding ticket while producing “Canada’s Worst Driver 2” for Discovery Channel. Writing-wise, Kim wrote on all three seasons of the hit animation comedy series “League of Super Evil” seen on Cartoon Network US / YTV / BBC Kids and gaggle of other countries around this wondrous world. This adds to his list of comedy animation writing credits that includes: “Mona The Vampire”, “Hoze Houndz” and “Freaky Stories”.

Kim created, wrote and produced 285 hours of “YTV’s The Breakfast Zone”, North America’s first live national morning show for kids. He co-created and produced YTV’s #1 rated comedy daypart, “Brain Wash”, inspiring his intense fascination with lint. With his partners, Atul N. Rao and Greg van Riel aka “The Membrains”, Kim went on to be lured by Haim Saban in L.A. to create and be the executive producers for Fox Family’s groundbreaking interstitials… “Morning Scramble”, “The Basement” and “Weekend Chill”. Their department created over 35 hours of mind-warping host-driven interstitial programming, 300 shorts and a series pilot. They were also the brains, voices and vision behind “The No Yell Motel” interstitials for Fox Kids.

To Kim, length is no boundary to telling a great story. Whether it’s the commercials he’s directed with Northern Lights Direct for “Plan Canada”, “Children International” and “MarcAngelo Foods”… or penning nine screenplays. His feature scripts include the family fantasy adventure “Druidstone” and the live action/CG comedy “The Big Electric Skunk” which were optioned by Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Knightscove Entertainment and Screenworks Media. Kim also developed an animated family comedy screenplay “Clay’s Cruise” with Atul Rao for Arc Productions (Gnomeo & Juliet). Plus he recently co-directed a music video for country rockers “Kansas Stone” for TAP International.

An infamous ex-farm boy, Kim was also the writer/director/producer of the cult classic short “Don’t Look Cow!” for First Choice & SuperChannel. When the camera isn’t rolling or the keyboard clicking, Kim is also known as a prolific songwriter, husband of one, fanatic father of two, friend to many, Westoverian poet, Final Cut Editor, blissed out world traveller, crap golfer, watermelon lover, cinematographer, faces & places photographer, world party organizer, creek jumper, novice scuba diver, multi-tasking maniac, and …