“A.K. SKYLAR: RISE OF THE ARTHURIANS”  (adventure fantasy) 

While visiting his eccentric British Great Grandmother, 15-year-old AK Skylar discovers King Arthur’s archenemy Morgana has returned to take over the modern world. It propells AK and a local village girl on a spellbinding race to find Merlin the Magician to stop Morgana’s sinister plan. It’s then that AK discovers that the evil soreress’ surprise secret weapon to rule the world is… him!

“FARM BOY”  (family comedy)

Welcome to the heart-warming misadventures of 7-year-old farm boy Timmy Johnson and his invisible friend, Gordo in the summer of 1967.  Together they face “rabbit dogs”, “mutant tomatoes”, their creepy pack rat neighbor Old Eli and his Hillbilly bully grandkids.  Then Timmy must deal with his biggest challenge… letting Gordo go.  Think “A Christmas Story” meets “Huckleberry Finn”.

“GRILL PARKER: NANNY MAN” (sci-fi action comedy) 

Meet Grill Parker – an outlandish male babysitter that kids adore and who gives parents the cold sweats. Grill takes a job from an alluring female geneticist to capture a giant mutating electrified pet skunk that is terrorizing L.A.  Grill not only has to fight the fercious skunk, but his affections for the geneticist, and an extremist animals right group hell bent on neutering the skunk and Grill.

“THE MARRAKESH EXPRESS” (adventure drama)

A free-spirited, aging high school teacher bolts from a school trip to Spain with three incompatible high school students. Kate takes them on a harrowing journey to Marrakesh to recapture the magic of her hippy youth.  Kate breaks down haunted by the demons of her past leaving the students to unite or become prey to a gang of organ thieves shadowing their every step.

“MY LOVER THE ALIEN?” (curious romantic comedy)

A disillusioned tabloid reporter falls in love with the charismatic manager of a eccentric boarding house near the Kennedy Space Center.  She soon suspects that he is leading an alien escape on the historic final Space Shuttle launch.  Does she follow her love struck heart?  Or follow her wild imagination and publish the alien story of the century?

“VOODOO RUNNINGS” (voodoo action comedy)

A cocky Manhattan courier inherits his grandfather’s property in Jamaica only to discover his newfound paradise is haunted by voodoo spirits.  It sends him on a wild race across Jamaica battling ruthless smugglers, inept INTERPOL agents and a murderous Dreadlock.

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